Wholesale Essential Travel Health and Wellness Kits

Wholesale Essential Travel Health and Wellness Kits
Mar 09, 2020
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Stock up on these health and wellness kits that guard against germs while your customers travel. On the road or in the sky, these handy kits do their part to prevent the spread of viruses, provide a more restful sleep, and more! Find out what everyone loves the most about our iFLYsmart travel packs that are a must-have for all car, cruise, and airplane travel! 

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Per the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the coronavirus, as well as influenza and other viruses, are expected to continue to spread throughout the U.S. as well as all over the globe. As a result, consumers are actively searching for ways to protect themselves and their families from contracting illnesses, especially those planning their spring and summer vacations or traveling on airplanes for job-related reasons. Therefore, this is the perfect time to supply health and wellness items to those on-the-go individuals and families.

What is Included in Each iFLYsmart Kit?

1) Antiseptic Hand Wipes
Antiseptic wipes are the top sought-after item on every consumer's health and wellness list. This is because they kill germs and sanitize both the skin and hard surfaces where applied. With so many colds, stomach bugs, and, of course, respiratory illnesses being passed on planes, cruise ships, public transportation, and wherever crowds of people gather, these wipes are an excellent defense against contracting such germs. Of course, this is particularly true for those with certain pre-existing conditions like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, or respiratory illness. Also, those with an underdeveloped or compromised immune system are at greater risk of contracting virus strains and would significantly benefit from antiseptic wipes being used on their hands and all hard surfaces in the home, car, airplane, restaurant, grocery store, and wherever they go. 

As a bonus, these wipes can clean wounds and sanitize for other medical purposes, which makes them an extremely important part of every healthcare emergency kit! Imagine having the means to clean your cut while on vacation or at the local park with the wipes in your compact travel kit without having to wait to drive to the nearest pharmacy. With the risk of a possible infection, acting quickly is a critical component in prevention strategies.

2) Face Mask
Another item consumers are trying to find in stores is a face mask. This item both potentially prevents inhaling droplets of germs from nearby sneezes and coughs and, more to the point, reduces the chances of someone who has contracted a virus from spreading it to others. Anyone traveling with a viral infection should wear a face mask to proactively protect the community and prevent the spread of the virus. Some examples of contagious viral infections are the common cold, influenza, and respiratory system attacking viruses like the coronavirus. Since sneezing and coughing are the primary methods these viruses are thought to spread, face mask worn by the infected individual can help by largely containing the contaminated droplets of fluid.

3) Headrest Cover
Speaking of bacteria and germs, did you know some have been found to linger on surfaces for several days?  Yuck! Now, think about that headrest the airline hands out and what it may have picked up along its travels. Even if the consumer brings his or her own headrest from home, it may have been tossed around in the car or on the airplane before being seated allowing time to pick up a variety of germs that will now be close to one's mouth, nose, and eyes while the pillow is in use. A clean headrest cover acts as a barrier against such germs.

4) Facial Wipes
While face wipes may not be the preferred method of cleansing routine for removing makeup for most, they are luxury in a mini container to those traveling long distances on an airplane. This is especially true when the guy next to you just sneezed without covering his mouth and nose!

5) Sleep Mask and Earplugs
The engine, seatbelt dings, passenger chats, and other sounds can keep travelers from a restful night's sleep while taking the red-eye. That's why this set includes a soft and silky sleep mask plus sound-reducing comfortable earplugs because everyone feels better with a good night's rest.

6) Lip Moisturizer Stick
Last but not least, consumers will be thankful to find this lip moisturizer stick when battling cracked or dry lips. Since there are multiple climates and environmental causes for dry lips, such as cold or windy weather or too much sun exposure, this moisturizer stick made our list of "must-have" items for an essential travel kit.

In short, all of the above items are waiting in a compact resealable package for your shoppers to enjoy again-and-again along their travels. Your shoppers will appreciate your efforts to help them safeguard against the spread of illness while getting more rest and relaxation during travels both far away and around town. Order the wholesale iFLYsmart kits online using our easy-to-navigate catalog today!


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