Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

About eChamber

Marketing Platform

eChamber is a marketing platform to help small businesses promote themselves online, generate leads and gain customers. 

eChamber Community

eChamber is a community of businesses that celebrate the importance of chamber membership and provides a platform for chamber members to share content with other members and potential customers.

Is local Chamber membership required?

eChamber recognizes that not all businesses are members of their local Chamber. eChamber provides businesses the option to be listed as a nonmember, with the hope they consider joining their local Chamber in the near future.

Is eChamber a B2B or B2C site?

eChamber attracts both business owners and consumers. For the consumer, we offer a platform that showcases small businesses and what they have to offer. For businesses, we offer a way to connect with their piers and do business on a local and national basis. 

Our Mission

Promote Chamber Membership

eChamber is aware of how important it is to join your local chamber of commerce and encourage all businesses to join. 

Make Joining Easy

eChamber provides businesses with resources to join their local chamber of commerce. 

Converting Nonmembers

eChamber continues to share and educate businesses as to the importance of joining their local Chamber of Commerce. 

Pro Chamber

Helping Keep Small Business Alive

eChamber helps to further the interests of small businesses, on a a local, regional and national level. The idea of a community level Chamber of Commerce dates back to the 1500’s amd was founded in France. Of course the idea of a community of businesses coming together to provide support for local businesses can likely be dated back to ancient times.



Unify the Local Chamber Message

Not all Chamber's are the same. They come in many different shapes and sizes. Our platform helps share the message of many Chambers of Commerce in one centralized location. Learn what's happening in Chambers all over the US.

Why does eChamber promote membership in Chambers of Commerce?

We recognize the important role that each local Chamber plays in their respective community.

Share Member Content

eChamber has created a place for businesses to promote their blogs. eChamber is a business news resource with the intention of having the largest database of chamber member blogs.