Wholesale Easter DIY Crafts and Creations

Wholesale Easter DIY Crafts and Creations
Mar 02, 2020
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Easter is a time of year when bunnies, chicks, and eggs come to mind or rather "spring" to mind as we prepare for nicer weather that allows more time outside for family crafts and creative activities. This time of year, consumers begin trading heavier coats for lighter jackets as they begin searching for ways to enjoy these warmer days with the kids offline and out-of-pocket. Be ready for the Easter shopping season with these five DIY projects every family member will love!

So Sand
When it gets warm, many consumers start planning trips to the beach. One reason people are obsessed with beaches is the fine grains of sand that feel so good to run through your fingers and toes and takes any shape you like with a little help from the ocean water! But, there is no need to go to the shore when our So Sand can be in your buyers' homes ready to take the shape of any mold or pattern. Consumers can choose the sand color and then add glitter with our magic gel for extra pizzazz as they squish, squeeze, or form the shape of their favorite Easter, spring, or summer iconic images.  

Plus, there is a calming effect from working with sand that has been known to soothe tension and relieve anxiety. In fact, a relatively new trend on the media within the last decade is to create videos or sounds that stimulate the brain to produce a pleasant and tingling sensation coined the Autonomous Sensory Meidan Response (ASMR) experience. Now, with the use of So Sand's included sand tool and glitter, consumers can create their own relaxing and satisfying ASMR experience!

Power Dough
Move over Easter Bunny as sea creatures, pets, unicorns, and other mystical creatures are stealing the spotlight this holiday with our specially formulated Power Dough! This is no ordinary shaping dough. Power Dough goes beyond shaping to magically bring kids' creations to life! Give consumers the power to make the impossible possible as their creatures light up, move, or speak with our Power Dough product.

Best of all, there are no videography skills or apps required, and our kits work with most other dough brands. Each kit comes with dough pots, interchangeable accessories, power parts with batteries, and instructions. Stock up on all four kits today!

Bubble Slime
If your buyers are looking for something original, how about giving them the chance to turn slime into an over-sized bouncing bubble? Friends and siblings will have a blast using the included straw to see who can blow the biggest bubble. Once inflated, the whole family can join in the ball game fun as this DIY Bubble Slime gets passed around and bounced on the floor or walls with no messy cleanup required! That's right. All of our So Slime products are Mom and Dad approved for both indoor and outdoor fun!

For more DIY crafts with a sensory-stimulating twist, check out our Slime'licious line. These So Slime packets of oozing entertainment have a sweet and savory twist as each comes with an enticing fragrance that reminds snack fans everywhere of delicious food and beverage items, such as grape soda, popcorn, and hot chocolate! No complicated instructions here. Simply add water and included decorations to the scented slime packet in the container for fast set up and virtually no cleanup.

Be sure to have the Slime'licious Caddy available to store and transport DIY creativity wherever the family goes. Also, the Slime'licious Factory allows children to select their favorite scents for up to 16 mini Slimies! There is so much excitement over all the So Slime products, it can be hard for customers to decide which to purchase first!

So Slime Tie Dye Kit
Speaking of our So Slime items, you may have seen our mess-free slime that comes in vibrant colors, glows, or even changes colors! However, it's our So Slime DIY Tie Dye Kit that perhaps best captures all the Easter colors in one convenient kit. Within each box, buyers will find an opportunity to mix colors into their clear premade slime before finishing their experiment in color with a hint of glittery sparkle. After the slime is set, it's time to fold, stretch, and twist into a marbled effect that kids will marvel over!

Therefore, skip the traditional this Easter and display the DIY kits the children really want to celebrate this holiday, the spring season, and every day afterward with a time of exploration and imagination spurring activities that all families, friends, and neighbors alike can get excited about. Find what your buyers are wishing for by going to our online wholesale catalog today!


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