Updated Wholesale Blasters and Soakers Customers will Love!

Updated Wholesale Blasters and Soakers Customers will Love!
Apr 16, 2020
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We have the wholesale blasters everyone wants for both indoor or outdoor play fun! Shoppers everywhere are looking for ways for the whole family to enjoy spending time together while exercising. These toys were made for action and they will have people ages six and up honing their strategy skills and falling in love with adventure in their own homes and backyards.

One-Handed Action
The easiest automatic foam dart blaster on the market to load and shoot has to be our D-Dart Blaster. Each drum holds up to 28 darts and requires only one hand to aim and shoot making rapid cover firing a breeze! Even far away opposing team members will have a tough time dodging the darts as they fly through the air with precision one after the other by simply pulling the trigger back. Best of all, these blasters can come in singles or pairs and they are compatible with most brands of darts. Imagine trying to maneuver towards capturing the flag while a pair of these blasters launches up to 56 darts without stopping! Talk about your tactical advantage. Perfect for those in need of an automatic they don't have to hold with two hands or those who are just learning to aim, the D-Dart blaster is sure to be a hit with everyone from beginners to experts!

Locked and Loaded With Rubber Bands:

   1) RBS EOS - If rubber bands are more your shoppers' style, then we have you covered with three top-selling options of high-powered launchers. Made for kids ages eight and up, the Precision Rubber Band System (RBS) EOS model is compact enough to carry all over the house or yard with ease. Consumers can fire single bands or up to six in the same launch! Plus, the EOS launcher comes with 200 bands for hours of live action-packed entertainment. Also, if the consumers have Rainbow Loom in the home no one is using, the EOS launcher can repurpose the bands as the kids take on the adults or go toe-to-toe with one another.

    2) RBS Talos - Like the RBS EOS, the RBS Talos launcher comes with 200 bands ready for spontaneous or carefully orchestrated RBS engagement anytime anywhere! The Talos model holds double the bands of the EOS model with up to 12 bands in total in two sizes! Moreover, the Talos launcher includes an extender to add extra power when needed, like those times when big brother has you cornered behind the couch yet he is just out of reach for the EOS. Consumers will enjoy the 30-foot range of the Talos for fast getaways after firing. Close range or far away, this model is a hot-seller for all RBS launcher game fans!

    3) RBS Hyperion - Big yards call for long-distance launchers like the RBS Hyperion that shoots rubber bands up to 50 feet! With pinpoint accuracy, this launcher is ideal for competitive target games. Line cans or cups up, and watch them fall! But, it's equally effective at hindering the opposition in a game of Capture the Flag where those who have been hit have to hold their hands in the air while walking back to base for a 15-second timeout. Whether they are wanting to capture the flag or practice for the ultimate family bulls-eye tournament, the Hyperion is our suggestion for shoppers with long-range use in mind.

Stealth Soaking!
Let the water wars begin! The sun is starting to come out more and the spring showers will soon turn into warm sunny days. As the weather heats up, there is little more exciting than a battle between water sprays. The element of surprise is on your side with this powerful soaker. So tiny it's virtually undetectable, the World's Smallest Super Soaker is the silent water attack family members won't see coming! Finally, a soaker spray that can launch from up to 25 feet away and then quickly tuck into a back pocket for plausible deniability, at least until there is time to reload. 

Thus, if your customers are craving an adventure while fitting a creative workout into the day to mix things up, then these popular blasters and soakers will provide hours of excitement and laughter! Safe enough for both indoor and outdoor play, rainy weather and feeling the inside blues does not have to mean sitting still anymore. Give your customers a way to break free from electronics and release some energy with the D-Dart, RBS models, and World's Smallest Super Soaker. You can order them today by browsing our online catalog!

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