Top Selling Wholesale Toys for Girls Ages 3 Through 5

Top Selling Wholesale Toys for Girls Ages 3 Through 5
Mar 25, 2020
License 2 Play Toys

Pssst....have you heard the news? Girls just wanna have fun with these hot-sellers! They are full of surprises, and ready for hugs, giggles, and learning fun. Plus, one of them is a TOTY finalist and one is based on popular kids show!

Kindi Kids
Meet the Kindi Kids! A TOTY finalist, these dolls know how to get shoppers' attention with their oversized colorful eyes and their rainbow hair. Plus, kids can change their doll's clothes and shoes, fix their hair, squeeze the included Babycino Shopkins toys, and laugh out loud as their doll's head bobbles. But, the most unique feature is the doll's ability to eat the included sweet treat! Each one comes with a special food item that disappears when it is placed in the Kindi Kids doll's mouth making this doll one you should keep in full stock on your shelves at all times! 

Talk about your eye-catching hair, these brightly colored Hairdooz characters have enough pizzazz to make your shoppers smile just by looking at them! Each poseable character comes with fruity scented hair and her very own mini salon in the shape of a perfume bottle or shampoo bottle. Creating a new hairdo is as easy as giving the shampoo bottle a spin and removing the dryer! Be sure to tell kids about the rare glow Shampoo pack character and the hidden styling tool in the base of the Salondooz carrying case.

Scruff A Luvs
However, the hair-styling adventures can continue with the pet fans in your store by showcasing the Scruff A Luvs collection. The question everyone who sees this group of abandoned pets is asking? Is it a dog, cat, or bunny? No one knows the answer until this ball of matted fur is taken home to be bathed, brushed, styled, and, of course, loved. Only then can the owner find out which pet was rescued. 

Little Live Pets
When kids want a live pet of their own to care for at home, they will not get closer in the play industry than these talkative animals that perform life-like actions. The Little Live Pets animals come with the ability to sound and act like real pets! Since there is no mess to clean up, food to buy, or vet bills to pay, these animals are parent-approved. They are perfect for young caregivers to learn about how to keep pets healthy and happy. The question is which one do you think will sell out first?

One concern all kids tend to share is a fear of the dark. With LumiLuvs, they never have to feel alone at night or during the day! These dolls are made for snuggle time at any hour of the day or night. One kiss on the belly and the LumiLuv comes alive with lights and sounds that last for 10 minutes to keep children company when they are frightened and allow them just enough light to see they are safe and sound. After 10 minutes, children can cuddle their soft LumiLuvs as they sleep.

Cry Babies Magic Tears
During the day, children who enjoy working on their nurturing skills will become instant fans of this Cry Babies Magic Tears doll series. It takes a special pacifier and some sweet cuddles to calm these babies down when they start to cry real tears. What a wonderful toy to teach parenting skills and encourage empathy!

Blippi Toys
Sometimes, parents are searching for a teaching tool that is geared towards learning sounds, words, and phrases. These Blippi dolls, role-playing kits, and figurine playsets remind children of the show they watch on YouTube and Amazon Video that turns education into engaging fun! Now, while watching their show, kids can dress up like Blippi act out their favorite scenes, invite Blippi to tea with their 16-inch huggable My Buddy Blippi Plush Figure, prepare to zoom around the room with Blippi mini vehicles or learn the alphabet with mini Blippi figurines. 

While education can be entertaining, the squishable and poseable MushMeeze characters show kids that magic and science can go hand-in-hand. Filled with special moldable clay, children can learn how something so simple as a little clay inside a soft friendly animal cover can instantly make a rainy day brighter. Even the toughest days that bring out the grumpies are better with these stress-relieving loveable buddies.

Therefore, when it comes to finding the best-selling toys to put on display in your store, you can always trust License 2 Play to carry what kids want! These are just some examples of items your shoppers are already buying in 2020. To view the full list, browse our catalog online and register with us to be eligible for wholesale exclusive offers you won't want to miss!

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