Top Selling Toys & Novelty Gifts for Valentine's Day

Top Selling Toys & Novelty Gifts for Valentine's Day
Jan 01, 2020
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Valentine's Day toys and novelty items tend to be small, easy to carry for surprising friends and loved ones, and often involve tasty treats in some way. If you are a retail store owner looking for wholesale items to stock your shelves and displays for the Valentine's Day shoppers, check out some of our best sellers for this holiday of love and sweet delights. This list covers gifts for kids of all ages and interests so that everyone finds something they can't wait to bring home from your store!

Breakfast Monsters
Since breakfast gets kids out of bed, these Breakfast Monsters could start their day off laughing and put them in a happy mood for this special day's sharing and caring activities. Each common breakfast food monster is waiting for the box to be opened to reveal the character inside. Set a few out on your display in a cereal bowl to create a giggling stir at the checkout counter.

Another breakfast toy that lets them get excited at breakfast time about this special holiday is literally called "Bananas"! These cute fruits look and smell like the real deal, yet they peel back to reveal an adorable Crushie character inside. Perfect for backpacks and purses, these little friends are ready for play and come with their own vines for displaying or just hanging around, gemstone stickers for decorating, and character stickers for collecting.

Mighty Beans
Speaking of surprises to share, be sure to order your Mighty Beanz Slam Packs. When kids ages five and up slam down on the top, the shell pops open revealing eight Mighty Beanz inside ready to race to victory! With eight characters in each shell, there are plenty of these little guys to go around at a playdate or during family night. Make sure to set the race track and flip track in a play area of your store to achieve a higher excitement level as kids compete to be the winner.

Food-related and easy transportability are two great Valentine's Day features, but don't forget the hugs and cuddles! These LumiLuvs are great for kids who need an extra hug at night. Moreover, they double as a lively play friend during the day that light up and make sounds with a kiss on their bellies.

Squeezamals Micros and Desserts
How about both easy-to-carry and huggable? Squeezamals are foam plush toys that are candy scented and slow to come back into the original shape when squeezed making them great stress-relievers and snuggle friends. Now, kids can share the mini version of these cuties with their friends when they buy these Squeezamals Micros in sets of three! Plus, in keeping with the sweeter side of the holiday, parents can also purchase Squeezamals Desserts that bring the deliciously-scented squishable fun wherever their kids go.

Barbie Pens
It may not be mushy, but our Barbie Pens are fun to click, work great as a pen for all that homework, and always make the Barbie fans smile. The nostalgia factor plus the fact that it's based on a currently beloved Barbie icon result in this pen earning top marks from our customers of all ages for Valentine's Day gifts. As a bonus, like the Barbie dolls, the pen version has real hair that can be brushed and syled. There are three pens to select from: June, Millie, and Maya. The best part for store owners is this pen is a conversation-starting item that makes a great counter display for impromptu buys. 

Pop Ups
By now, you are probably wondering when we will talk about our popular Pop Ups. We carry all the lollipop cover characters from the classics like the Justice League, Avengers, Star Wars, and Disney princesses to the more current creations like Trolls, Peppa Pig, Frozen, and Emojis. These loveable character head replicas are ready to protect any of the four included candies from dirty floors, hair, lent, baby brothers, dads with a sweet tooth, and anything else that tries to thwart the owner's lollipop enjoyment.

Love Potion
Of course, no Valentine's Day list is complete without our Love Potion. This energy drink makes Valentine's Day special for older teens and adults who need a pick up in the middle of the day sometimes. If you expect to have a group of teens comiing through your store, this drink is sure to be a hit!

In conclusion, you will find all large variety of toys and candy on our website that your consumers will want to make their Valentine's Day with their family and friends a day to remember. Learn more about the above items and other quick sellers by browsing our catalog online. If your item is not there, contact us as we are receiving new inventory daily. We look forward to hearing from you!


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