Top Selling Fortnite Toys for your Retail Store

Top Selling Fortnite Toys for your Retail Store
Dec 18, 2019
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The holiday madness in stores may be just warming up as savvy shoppers look for restocked popular toys and hope for marked down prices. Some of the best selling toy collections in your store in 2020 will likely be related to characters in trending video games like Fortnite and Roblox that show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Continue reading to discover what hot Fornite toys you will not want to miss having in stock both now and throughout the upcoming year!

Fortnite Action Figures
Most video games seem to cater to a specific age group and gender. With Fortnite, it may surprise you to learn kids starting around 8 years old, teens, and even adults are regular players in this global phenomenon. What's more, the female characters or "skins" are just as popular as the males! In fact, boys often prefer selecting female skins. Why? It's simple. They look really cool! Well, maybe that and the generally accepted idea that women's skins are smaller and harder to find or hit as this game is all about being the last player left standing.  

What does this mean to store owners? First, it means you no longer have to fear purchasing for a targeted audience. Go ahead and have fun mixing it up with an assortment of our Fortnite action figures! Buy specific solo packs, duo packs, or a grouping of 36 solo packs to start your display off right. There is no wrong answer here, unless of course, you do not have any Fortnite characters to sell in your store. Second, the lack of age or gender restriction translates to more shoppers looking for collectibles as well as toys to continue the spirit of the game when offline. Toys that bring in more store traffic is always good for business! Select your poseable 2-inch figurines with swappable weapons, accessories, and back bling from 100 recognizable characters to swing into the new year with proven hot selling toys found on holiday and birthday wish lists around the world.

Fortnite Battle Bus
For the exclusive figurine collector, you will lure them into the store when you promote the Burnout and Funk Ops poseable characters they can get with our Fortnite Battle Bus. These two action figures are from the Battle Royale collection, and Fortnite enthusiasts can only get these video gaming character legends by buying this super fun Battle Bus. Kids will have a blast standing their action figures on top of the bus as they glide it down to the ground to begin their offline game. Parents will be thrilled they can store away the action figures inside for quick and tidy clean up.    

Fortnite Stormwing Plane
The bus for obvious reasons is a hot seller. But, it's not the only sweet ride in town fans love! Our Stormwing Plane is another entertaining entrance to bring more action figures to the game. Just as in the video game, characters can ride on top of the plane until it's time to go their own way. An exclusive character, Ice King, is included with the plane making this toy a must-have for any true collector!

Fortnite Mega Fort Display
Although collecting weapons, skins, and back bling, along with seeking players, and strategizing are some of the reasons this game is successful, there is a creative component that equally challenges players and keeps their creative juices flowing. That's why no offline gameplay would be complete for fans of this video game without the capability to build a blockade, fortress, or watchtower! Kids can let their imagination soar as they use the different pieces in the Mega Fort Display to create just the right amount of cover opportunities for their hide-and-seek or last person standing role play. Naturally, with this playset, fans expect an exclusive character and they will not be disappointed. With this set, consumers will be thrilled to find both Tricera Ops and Blue Squire action figures! Plus, when they are finished playing, parents will be happy to see the set breaks down for easy storing.

Therefore, the decision on which toys are going to stay popular in 2020 and beyond that appeal to a wide audience has just been made simple. As long as Fortnite continues to dominate the video game world with kids, teens and adults alike, their character, vehicle, and building tool replicas will be in high demand! Visit our website to browse our array of Fortnite toys that will be sure to pack the adventure into every offline scene both at home or on the go.


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