Sell These PPE Kits at Your Store

Sell These PPE Kits at Your Store
Jun 01, 2020
License 2 Play Toys

As businesses begin to open their doors once again to the public during COVID-19, purchasing wholesale face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) products to set on display should be at the top of the list of items to stock. At License 2 Play, we offer travel PPE kits everyone will want for their cars, homes, or while out-and-about in town! Discover what makes our PPE kits unique and where to place them in the store for both protection and sales boosting purposes. 

Combatting Public Fear in Your Business Reopening
One of the biggest issues businesses must tackle as they announce being open to the public is the fear of COVID-19 infection. Many procedures are being put into place to avoid contamination from surfaces inside the buildings, but employees and consumers are still at risk from asymptomatic individuals who unknowingly may be spreading this highly contagious and potentially harmful respiratory illness. Here is where our disposable face masks and three levels of protective hygiene kits can help! 

iFly Face Masks Cover the Nose and Mouth While Inside Businesses 
Before shopping retail stores, visiting physicians for wellness visits, or getting spa services, the first thing patrons will need is a face mask per the CDC recommendations. By selling or giving patrons iFly one-time use face masks at your business entrance, you are removing some of the anxiety and allowing consumers to enjoy their more relaxed experience inside your business. Be sure to share these masks with your employees and place a large trash container by the exit for discarding the masks as consumers leave to alleviate the dread of putting the used mask inside the consumer's vehicle.

iFly Kits Offer Face Masks Plus Clean Hands!
Although facial protection is perhaps the top concern on consumers' minds, clean hands are certainly high on the list of as well. Therefore, selling iFly Clean and Germ-Free PPE kits will enable individuals and families alike to have disposable gloves and antibacterial hand sanitizer or antiseptic wipes in addition to their one-time use face masks available for convenient one-time use. This way, they are able to reduce the risk of spread by covering their nose and mouth while also having a way to remove germs from their hands as they leave the building as soap and water are not always an option. Plus, these kits, like the face mask packets, are small enough to be easily stored in the car for quick use the next time there is close contact with the public.

iFly Travel Kits Add Increased Comfort
One more kit every business should sell is the iFly Healthy kit. This packet is for those individuals who dream of road trips, airplane travels, and cruising to distant shores. After months of staying home, people are ready to see the world beyond their neighborhoods and that means they will want peace-of-mind about doing what they can to avoid getting sick as they travel. The iFly Healthy kits contain a disposable face mask and facial wipes to protect the nose and mouth as well as a clean cover for the airline headrest or that headrest collecting dust in the car underneath the seat. However, this kit goes beyond the PPE to help make the trip more enjoyable by supplying lip moisturizer for chapped lips, earplugs for more personal quiet time, and a clean sleep masks for a better night's rest.

Ways to Display Your PPE Kits for Increased Sales
Since you probably already plan to set the iFly face masks at the entrance and counters, the real question becomes what to do with the iFly kits for display purposes? The great news is we offer PPE display cases for the iFly Clean and iFly Healthy kits. Since PPE is such an essential part of the "new normal" for consumers, these kits should be hot-sellers when the display is placed in a visible location.

That said, have you have ever been in a store where you dismissed the chance to grab a shopping cart because you planned to buy one or two items only to find ten more to purchase along the way to that one item and now you wish you had a cart to carry that extra ten? We can all probably relate to the hindsight method of shopping at times. Hence, it is a good idea to scatter these display cases throughout your store or office building.

Thus, as you search for the right way to bring PPE items into your retail store, medical practice, vendor space, or service industry, be sure to carry kits like these that make purchasing and traveling with protective gear a breeze! Register with us today online to stock up on these items at a wholesale price. Then, place the packets in easy-to-find locations to watch the iFly kits fly off the rack!

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