How to Know When You Need More Than a Virtual Checkup 

How to Know When You Need More Than a Virtual Checkup 
Jun 01, 2020
Navarro Medical

Icons surrounding online doctor telemedicine appointmentThe coronavirus (COVID-19) has resulted in many physicians using virtual appointments for non-emergency medical care visits. However, there are some medical conditions that cannot be diagnosed properly without an in-person office visit. So, how do you know when your symptoms require more than a remote assessment for telemedicine?

Purpose of Telemedicine
Long before COVID-19 came to our area, our team at Navarro Medical has been offering virtual appointments for qualifying patients between the hours of 12 pm and 1 pm. During this time we will collect important health-related information to ensure we have current records of any medications and health concerns. Additionally, we will address patients' non-emergency questions and ongoing medical concerns as well as discuss non-emergency symptoms. 

What About Emotional Wellness?
During COVID-19, there may be heightened feelings of loneliness, anxiety, or depression due to isolation, lack of sleep, and unemployment. Dr. Navarro and his team are known for going above and beyond to care for their patients from a holistic perspective during all office visits. People often comment on Dr. Navarro's willingness to spend quality time getting to know his patients. Virtual patients can expect the same approach to carry over into their telemedicine appointments. Therefore, individuals should be prepared to answer personalized questions about their lifestyle and emotional well-being.

Prepare Your Screen
A few minutes before your appointment, check to make sure you have set up your device by accepting permission requests to use your camera and mic. Staying near your mobile device, laptop, or other screen you plan to use for your virtual appointment will also help ensure you are able to connect with the team in a timely manner. On that note, make sure your ring volume is turned up in case the team needs to reach you during or following your visit. 

What Should Patients Bring to Virtual Appointments?
There are some steps you can take to make your virtual wellness visit a success. Start by filling out updated health forms you can send in before your visit. Along with your forms, send close-up and well-lit photos of any visible symptoms. Try to allow the team as much time as possible to review the photos and forms before your visit. Furthermore, it is always a good idea to use record any information such as symptom duration, frequency, and intensity, along with your current weight, blood pressure, temperature, and, for some patients who are instructed to do so, blood sugar and blood oxygen levels. The more knowledge you have in advance of the appointment the better your physician can assess the underlying issue.

Who is not Eligible for Virtual Appointments?
New patients and anyone who has severe symptoms are examples of those who may benefit more from an in-office visit. If you have an urgent medical concern after normal weekday 8 am to 5 pm business hours, call 911 or seek emergency care at the nearest urgent care facility or hospital. During normal business hours, contact the Navarro Clinic at (863) 949-6541 with any health-related questions and the team will work with you to ensure you receive the highest level of care using all available resources including virtual visits, in-office appointments, and hospital stays when deemed necessary. 

Hospital Visits
Speaking of hospital stays, does the thought of going to a different doctor at a hospital who does not understand your medical history cause you stress? This may be particularly concerning during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we have great news! Dr. Navarro would be happy to continue your care while at Lake Wales Medical Center. Virtual appointments and hospital visits are part of the Navarro uniquely personalized care approach that emphasizes your comfort, attention, health, and convenience. In this way, you can feel confident your treatment plan is being created, followed, and adjusted without having to start from scratch with each new hospital stay.

In short, eligible patients have been appreciating the convenience and satisfying results of virtual office appointments with Dr. Navarro and his team long before COVID-19 proving this tool can be an effective method of physician interaction while staying safely at home. To schedule your new patient appointment or learn more about telemedicine using video conferencing, contact Navarro Medical at (863) 949-6541. Whether coming into the office for an in-person visit, utilizing the virtual office appointment platform, or requesting a hospital visit from Dr. Navarro, you can trust in the experience of Dr. Navarro and his team to provide the array of comprehensive services and holistic care planning you need. Find out more about the Navarro Clinic difference for yourself. Call today! 


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