Good Health Saves Time, Money, Emotional Stress and More!

Good Health Saves Time, Money, Emotional Stress and More!
Nov 02, 2020
Navarro Medical

A carefree woman on the beachLooking for simple ways to save money? One of the easiest ways to reduce your expenses is to practice these good health care tips. Get started relieving emotional and financial stress by adding these 5 steps to your wellness plan today!

  1. Practice Good Habits 
    Proactive planning and activities that help you avoid accruing medical expenses start at home with your daily routine. Stay off infections with regular hand washing for 20 seconds of scrubbing, showering after a workout to rinse away the build-up of bacteria and yeast, and removing the plaque and bacteria in your mouth with proper oral care. While you will still pick up more germs throughout the day, your daily hygiene routine is your first defense against forming an infection that can cause harm to your health and may result in time off work, medical tests, and treatments that can take a toll on your stress levels and self-confidence as well as your bank account.

    Another great way to be proactive is with your diet, sleep, and exercise routines. By eating a nutritious balance of foods, you can give your body the fuel it needs to optimize its abilities naturally, like fighting disease and healing wounds. Lack of sleep has been linked with a long list of diseases, not to mention overall fatigue that can produce injuries. Exercise can help lower your blood pressure and blood sugar levels while managing weight-related disorders and give you that extra pep in your step you've been missing!  

  2. Schedule Your Suggested Appointments
    Wellness visits and treatment appointments are equally critical for discovering and treating hidden or beginning medical conditions before they become more damaging conditions. The earlier such issues are found and treated the less time, money, discomfort, and overall stress the illness can cost you. When you miss your appointments, there is a greater risk of an illness going undiagnosed and growing into a more complex concern. 

  3. Follow Physician Recommendations
    Between appointments, following physician advice is key to ensuring your treatment plan has the best chance of success! The plan your doctor gives you is based on experience, studies, and medical understanding. However, without applying the suggestions to your routine, your treatment options are limited to office appointment procedures. Any home care you can do, especially with regard to daily hygiene and natural therapies, will only add to your treatment value as well as help your physician understand if the plan is on the right track.

    This is why Dr. Navarro believes in giving patients a plan that allows the body to heal naturally by using non-invasive treatments whenever possible. Many of these treatments may be performed at home. Find out more about what natural forms of treatment may benefit you by making an appointment with Dr. Navarro and his team today. 

  4. Maintain Treatment Consistency
    On that note, choosing a medical clinic that can offer continuity of care both in the clinic and in the hospital with a full suite of services is a great way to cut costs in terms of time, money, and the frustration of explaining your concerns repeatedly to multiple parties. Our own Dr. Navarro has privileges at Lake Wales Medical Center and you will find a wide array of services available at our website. From screenings and pre-op clearance to ongoing pain management and medical marijuana qualification, you can rest easy at Navarro Medical while knowing you are receiving the latest proven medical care techniques available. Save gas, money, and anxiety, not to mention added time off work, by not having to rush from one location to the next. Make Navarro Medical as your healthcare home.

  5. Keep in Touch With Your Physician
    Since they only see you during your visits to the medical clinic, staying in touch is another proactive key to better health while cutting down on medical expenses. Your physician needs to know if your prescription is not working as expected or your natural treatments are not giving you the results you desire. Also, any changes to your health, lifestyle, environment, or mood swings can affect the diagnosis and any outcomes of your treatment plan. Moreover, the longer it takes for your doctor to find the underlying issues or adjust the treatment, the more your medical expenses will accrue. By keeping your doctor informed of such important details, you will be progressing more quickly toward a balanced state of healing.

Therefore, when it comes to your health and saving money and time on healthcare, it pays to be proactive with the above five steps to better wellness. If you are looking for a physician in the Lake Wales area, make an appointment with Dr. Navarro online or call (863) 949-6541. We're here to help you get back to doing what you love and feeling your best! Call today!

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