Lake Wales Holistic Medicine Doctor

Lake Wales Holistic Medicine Doctor
Dec 02, 2019
Navarro Medical

Dr. Navarro at Navarro Medical in Lake Wales, FloridaLake Wales, Florida is home to a holistic medical practice that is getting rave 5-star reviews on Google! Run by Dr. Ricardo Navarro and his experienced team of medical professionals, Navarro Medical has a reputation for being a place where patients can trust they are receiving the most effective yet least invasive methods of treatment for a wide variety of medical concerns. But, the skills and methods Dr. Navarro uses to achieve this goal are what sets Navarro Medical apart from other physician clinics. 

Establishing a Relationship with Patients
The first thing you notice that is different about Dr. Navarro is his genuine interest in learning more about you as an individual. From the moment you meet Dr. Navarro, you realize you are not just a number as he has a pure passion for helping others. It is this sense of his immediate interest in your well-being that puts you at ease while answering questions that allow Dr. Navarro to gain a better understanding of who you are and what might be going on with your body, lifestyle, or environment that brings you into the office. While you may not think you need such personalized attention for an accurate diagnosis, you might be surprised at what Dr. Navarro can recommend from his conversations with you to address your current concerns, improve your overall health, and prevent future costly medical afflictions.

Interacting With and Listening More to Patients
Does it ever feel like your doctor does not listen to what you say when you try to explain your pain levels or details about your symptoms that do not match a medical book's list of acceptable terms? After all, when you do not have medical training, it can be difficult to describe what you are experiencing in a way that makes sense to the physician. Dr. Navarro takes the time to not only get to know you as a person but also listen to the clues you can give him about what concerns you. He is aware that listening to patients goes way beyond developing a good rapport. This skill does allow patients to feel heard, though it also tells Dr. Navarro important details about their health other physicians in more of a rush may miss.   

Approaching Healthcare the Whole Body Way 
But, Dr. Navarro does much more than spend quality time chatting with his patients to develop a full picture of their health needs. Since a symptom can actually be referred pain from an underlying issue located elsewhere in the body, Dr. Navarro uses a whole-body diagnostic approach. As a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), he regards the body as a whole unit as opposed to individual isolated components. For example, if you have shortened hamstring, your hips, back, and even your neck may begin to experience pain over time because your gate is off with each step you take. The pain you feel may be in your back, but the true culprit of the ongoing pain is really your shortened hamstring. It is discoveries like these that can have a huge impact on the best treatment plan moving forward to reduce or eliminate presenting symptoms.

Finding Value in Non-Invasive Treatment Options
Once Dr. Navarro and his team have a clear understanding of any underlying medical concerns and the presenting symptoms, it is time to discuss treatment options to initiate the recovery process. Expensive, time-consuming, and life-interrupting medicines and surgical procedures are not always the best choice for specific illnesses and injuries. Sometimes, your greatest healing can come directly from mother nature herself. Dr. Navarro is dedicated to finding the most effective treatment options for the overall health and well-being of his patients, which often includes natural therapies and remedies that enable the body to repair itself naturally whenever possible.   

Therefore, by taking time to develop a relationship with his patients, listen to patients' descriptions of their symptoms, and using a holistic approach to medicine, Dr. Navarro is able to do significantly more than treat a symptom or an outlying issue. The knowledge he gains from this personable method of practicing medicine allows him to focus on treatment plans that often include non-invasive suggestions aimed at restoring balance to the body as a whole with less cost, recovery time, and risk of harmful side effects than conventional medicine alone. Patients in the Lake Wales, Florida area are already benefitting from Navarro Medical's holistic approach to medicine. If you would like to see in person what all the excitement is about, schedule an appointment online at your convenience or contact the Navarro Medical team at (863) 949-6541.

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