7 Wholesale Activities That Encourage Family Bonding Over Mother's Day

7 Wholesale Activities That Encourage Family Bonding Over Mother's Day
Apr 01, 2020
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With Mother's Day fast approaching, it is time to stock up on wholesale toys and activities that can bring mothers and their kids together for family bonding fun! Children everywhere want to know what they can do to make Mom feel special on this day of motherhood appreciation. The answer is often found in bond-building activities that create lasting memories. For such cherished moments, here are our top 8 toys and kits that are sure to impress Mom!

Flexo Building Sets
For moms who like to design and construct, Flexo building sets make the perfect gift that can bring the whole family together! Kids 6 and up enjoy stretching the limits on what is possible with these bendable brick sets that work with all major block brands. Now, kids can give Mom the mini-sized castle she deserves using the Flexo inventor set or everyone can laugh in amazement at how these flexible blocks can piece together to form up to five creatures including a crab, seahorse, stingray, sea turtle, and spider. Plus, for a quick grab gift of appreciation she will treasure, children can use the individual foil packs to make all sorts of items, like a glow-in-the-dark bracelet! As a bonus, moms will love these easily portable sets on trips when electronics are unavailable. Lightweight, durable, and compatible with other bricks, the world's only flexible brick system is one toy set that is consistently one of our hottest sellers!

Beanie Boo Water Bracelet Kit
Since jewelry is said to be a girl's best friend, these Beanie Boo Water Bracelets could be the hit gift of the day! Moms love to get gifts from the kids that are made with love, and these water bracelets have a special glittery surprise inside just like Mom's sparkly jewelry Dad gives her. Best of all, the only ingredient kids need to add to the kit to create these bracelets is water! Each kit comes with 8 Clear bracelet tubes, 8 closures, 8 charms, 2 colors of glitter, confetti shapes, beads, and a mini funnel that makes filling the bracelet tubes a piece of cake.

Only 4 Girls Wire Jewelry Kit
Girls over 8 years of age will love helping Mom design her own line of unique wire jewelry with this Only 4 Girls Wire Jewelry Kit! This kit comes with a jig, pegboard, and colored metallic wires to twist into initials, names, and favorite words like "love" and "believe". Families can make and add a tassel to finish the look or leave the bracelet it as is. If your shoppers are tired of the same old Mother's Day activities, then this one is sure to please! 

LotsaLoops Finger Weaving Set
Inside each of these tub containers is a large set of colorful stretchy fabric loops and charms that families can weave together to make bracelets, necklaces, or backpack bling. Let the challenge for the most interesting braid begin! Easily carried in the included container, LotsaLoops also provides a great chance to make time for bonding wherever the family is spending Mother's Day.  

Beanie Boo Lip Gloss Kit
Then again, Moms like to look pretty with makeup too! Children will have a blast helping Mom build her own line of lip gloss items with the Beanie Boo Lip Gloss Kit. Everything needed from the 3 lip gloss containers and bottles of flavored colorant to the things that make the gloss shimmery and uniquely their's are included. No added tools, complicated instructions or messy clean-up required. This is one makeup kit that the kids can do with Mom anywhere!

Only 4 Girls Emoji Lip Gloss Kit
Does Mom have older girls in the home? If so, both kids and Mom alike will love this Only 4 Girls Emoji Lip Gloss Kit that sweet tasting shiny gloss that fits perfectly into Mom's purse. Mom will additionally be grateful there are 4 containers and 4 flavored colors, which means there will be no fighting over who gets to do this craft on Mother's Day!

If Mom is a game player, then the world's first smart puzzle is one she will enjoy piecing together with the kids year-after-year. The secret is in the JigPix app that changes the 844 puzzle pieces and lets everyone in the family take a turn deciding whose face will be constructed next! This is also a wonderful chance to break out those baby pics for a sweet Mother's Day stroll down memory lane.

Therefore, why not stock your store with these activity sets that will make Mother's Day a time for families to slow down and catch up with one another? After all, isn't that what Mom really wants? Browse our extensive selection of these and other hot-selling toys and playsets on our online catalog to see what items are on consumers' wish lists for Mother's Day and every day in 2020. 

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