7 Animated Series Toys That Sell

7 Animated Series Toys That Sell
Jan 15, 2020
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Toys that bring children's favorite animated series characters into fans' homes for interactive and imaginative playtime fun are always hot sellers! Read on to learn about some of the top animated series that kids are talking about on school playgrounds everywhere and the toys the make it possible to continue the adventure when the electronics are off. You won't want to miss this line up for your toy shelves in 2020!

Toy manufacturers no longer have to solely rely on movies and television shows to draw inspiration or promote their products. Now, you can go online find all sorts of entertaining children's shows, such as the "Shopkins" series based on tiny replicas of common food items you would find in your grocery store. Playing with your food is fully encouraged with this crew. Meet the whole gang and set out some engaging playsets in a Shopkins play area in your store to see the spark of imagination take flight with consumers who will want to collect them all!

If you are not familiar with the "Hatchimals: Adventures in Hatchitopia", this hit webseries kids can watch on YouTube and now on Netflix is centered around four main characters, Cheetree, Pengulaa, Draggle, and Puppit. Originally launched in 2016, these characters are as popular as ever with exciting new journeys that are taken with a group of adorable friends. Be ready for fans of this trending show in time for Valentine's Day surprises and sweet treats. Stock up on clip-on Hatchimal Mystery Minis where there is no way to know which of 10 cuddly characters are inside, Hatchimals Light Up Candy Spinners that are both a toy and tasty candy, and Hatchimals Pop Ups that keep lollipops clean and come with three refills.


Just as precious, the "Fingerlings and Friends" cartoon webseries is also found on YouTube and explores this fascinating world where animated toys kids adore become the stars of their own show! Check it out online, and be sure to keep your Fingerlings Clip Ons for backpacks handy and your Fingerlings 10" Poseable Plush With Sound toys at the ready. These cuties come with poseable arms and tails, along with the ability to open and close their eyes. For the sweeter side, Fingerlings Pop Ups offer a chance to cover one's lollipop with the head of a beloved character.

Peppa Pig
The Nick Jr channel introduced this curious piglet to preschool-aged children back in 2004. Today, this cartoon is still wildly popular for teaching children about emotions and social situations. Peppa is from a pig family, but each of her friends is a different species. Together, they sort through challenging emotions children encounter in the real world as they learn about teamwork and cooperation. Peppa enthusiasts will be thrilled to see playset figurines, plush toys, balloon surprises and blind packs from our Peppa Pig selections you can showcase on your Nick Jr display.

Fur Babies World
Protecting the Dream Tree is their top priority so that kids around the world can get their blissful ZZZZZs each night. Watch them on YouTube and set out an assortment of Fur Babies characters on your counter to see consumers with young children giggle with delight over the wiggling ears and hands. Talk about the perfect happy friend for little ones to go everywhere they do!

Goo Jit Zu
Speaking of saving the day, there are a couple of hero cartoon series online that offer a different twist on the old classics. Goo Jit Zu, for example, enables different characters a chance to battle with unique powers. Some ooze and others light up. To draw attention to your Goog Jit Zu character display in your store, place an example out to squish, pull, or crunch to show shoppers what they can do. Since this is a 2020 Toy of the Year (TOTY) finalist, chances are good fans will want to collect them all! 

Space Pop
But, dream protectors and stretchy muscular monsters are not the only heroes making a splash on the Internet. Add a little alien girl power to the mix with SpacePOP collectible figurines. This all-female pop band comprised of five princesses always find a way to thwart the evil doings of Empress Geela and restore peace to the galaxy. 

Therefore, as you make a list of your toy inventory for 2020, check out the cartoon series that are creating a stir with online and television viewers. This will help you tune into the toys that will continue the imaginary play and pretend battles when it's time to unplug. Make room on your shelves for your wholesale hot-selling animated series toy sets today! 


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