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Section 199A Deduction - Executive Summary of Proposed Deduction

April 08, 2024

Every person’s tax situation is unique.  If you would like to understand how the new tax laws impact you, give us a call and set up on appointment to

Why Retirees Should Hire a CPA for Tax Preparation

April 08, 2024

A CPA's knowledge, experience, and strategic insights can ensure that you make the most of your retirement while efficiently managing your tax obligat

How an Accountant Can Help You Make Important Business Decisions

April 08, 2024

In today's fast-paced business world, making informed decisions is crucial to the success and growth of any company. This is where a skilled accountan

IRS Warns of Rise in Employee Retention Scams for Businesses: What You Should Know

April 08, 2024

Recently, the IRS issued an important alert aimed at businesses and tax-exempt organizations, warning them about the potential risks associated with m

Selling Your Small Business? Here's How It Can Impact Your Taxes

April 08, 2024

Selling a small business is a significant decision that often involves complex financial considerations. While the process can be exciting, it's impor

How Is Your Retirement Income Taxed?

April 08, 2024

Did you know that your retirement income may be taxed? Keep reading to learn more about how retirement income is taxed, and which factors may impact t

Two Weeks to the Tax Deadline: What to Do If You're Not Ready

April 08, 2024

The deadline to file your 2022 tax return is two weeks away. Keep reading to learn what to do if you won’t be prepared to file before the tax deadline

What You Need to Know about the IRS's Proposed Tip-Reporting Program

April 08, 2024

The IRS released a notice early last month that introduced SITCA, a new tip-reporting program for businesses within the service industry. Keep reading

How Much Can You Deduct for Business Mileage in 2023?

April 08, 2024

If you do any significant amount of driving for business purposes, you can deduct the miles you’ve driven or the expenses associated with that travel

Do You Have a Schedule K-1? Here's How to Report It

April 08, 2024

If you’ve never had a Schedule K-1 before, you might be wondering exactly what it’s for and how you’re supposed to report the numbers included on it o

Top Reasons to Meet with a Tax Planner before New Year's

April 08, 2024

While you might be tempted to put off thinking about your taxes until the New Year, meeting with a tax planner before then can be extremely beneficial

Will Your Holiday Donations Be Tax Deductible? Here's How to Tell

April 08, 2024

How do you know if your donation will be tax deductible? Keep reading to learn a few things you should be aware of that will help you to know whether

Extension Deadline Reminder: How to Get Your Return Filed before October 17th

April 08, 2024

If you requested an extension on your tax return in April, your taxes are now do in about two weeks, on October 17th. If you still haven’t prepared yo

Why Business Owners Shouldn't Attempt to File Their Own Taxes

April 08, 2024

For business owners, cutting costs is always a concern. However, foregoing professional help on your business tax return isn’t one of the expenses tha

Should Your Business Be Making Quarterly Tax Payments?

April 08, 2024

Business owners often have to calculate and submit payments to the IRS on a quarterly basis in order to ensure that they’re not charged with underpaym