Your Chamber is Hard at Work for You

Your Chamber is Hard at Work for You
Nov 01, 2019
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Two people shaking hands with a large network of people behind them.What does your local Chamber of Commerce do to help you grow your business? Would you like to attract more customers, enjoy higher website traffic volumes, improve customer retention, gain a better SEO ranking, learn from successful peers, or increase your brand awareness? Whatever primary objectives you are trying to accomplish, the Chamber is one organization that can offer a solid foundation for launching any style of marketing campaign while working tirelessly to give you a voice in the government that allows your business dreams to take flight. Continue reading to discover what this amazing organization is able to do for you.

Local Efforts
The laws of your city and county can have a significant and lasting impact on both companies and consumers alike. Your Chamber of Commerce is made up of a group of individuals from the area's business community who work together on a variety of business-related events and projects, including advocating in government on behalf of businesses. When a legal issue is negatively affecting members' ability to conduct business, the Chamber pulls together task forces and committees that often include academic professionals for more research and credibility. These groups of volunteers then create, submit, and often implement policy changes as needed at the local government level.

The State and Federal Levels
However, the Chamber's influence does not stop at your county line. Your Chamber is part of a massive network of statewide and nationwide organizations boasting powerful business partnerships. With the combined backing of its members, the Chamber of Commerce is able to effect change at any level when the current policies in place are unfair to either businesses or the consumers of these businesses. 

Lobbying to give you a voice in government is critical to keeping the path to grow your business clear. That said, it is only one way you can utilize the Chamber's myriad of services to your benefit. For example, there are many marketing-related advantages. Just by being linked to the Chamber's membership directory online, your SEO ranking could improve. Also, the Chamber will promote events you sponsor and typically provide an opportunity for you to highlight any events of your own on their website for other members and the public to view.

Supportive Mentors and Peers
Would you like some free advice to gain an advantage over the competition or avoid business pitfalls those who have gone before you have already found and overcome? Sometimes, the fastest road to the top comes from the knowledge you gain along the way from mentors and successful peers. The members of the Chamber join for a variety of advantages, though they all have a desire to advance and protect the local business community in common. Therefore, it is likely you will find someone to help analyze any challenge and come up with suggestions for improvements at your Chamber's social events.

Building Brand Awareness Among Friends
Speaking of social events, is there a better way to promote your brand and generate interest in your products than a party where all the attendees are members of an organization created to build support for one other? Talk about soft sales! This group is eager to learn about your company's products and services just as you are looking to build relationships with other companies that offer related products and services. By the end of the evening, you will have handed out business cards to curious consumers who will likely talk about your business to friends and family while making some beneficial contacts to boot.

Sponsor Your Community
These events and programs have other opportunities as well. For instance, the Chamber will promote your brand to the community when you become a sponsor. This means your brand gets in front of people you may not have had a chance to meet yet who are all community consumers as well as useful business contacts. All the rewards with none of the planning, set up, or clean up!

Therefore, in answer to the question, "What does your local Chamber of Commerce do to help you grow your business?", the Chamber affords you the government voice, website promotion, brand recognition, peer consultations, lead generations, and overall support you can use to create a firm footing within your industry. When you try to do all of these things alone, it can be overwhelming and too great of an expense for a new business. On the other hand, with the help of the Chamber's members who are excited about seeing your company thrive, you've got this!


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