5 Ways Your Chamber can Grow Your Business

5 Ways Your Chamber can Grow Your Business
Oct 01, 2019

Starting a business can be intimidating and the competition can be overwhelming. Luckily, the Chamber can help small businesses in a myriad of ways. From networking to politics, we will explore five reasons joining your local Chamber of Commerce is a smart move for your business! 

  1. Take Advantage of Social Events 
    In addition to being a fun way to introduce yourself to your community, the Chamber social events offer these two tools to grow your business: 

         A) Beyond TED Talks - Learn from those who already have established businesses in your area. Ask them what marketing strategies have worked best for them and share your own marketing vision to find out if it's something they have tried in the past. TED Talks are often helpful, but they cannot replace the firsthand insight you will gain from getting to know your neighbors' business practices.

         B) Networking at Its Best - Use the Chamber social events to put the power of networking to work for your business. Since generating leads comes from spreading the word about your products and services, what better way to start doing just that than with the reigning champion of the marketing world, word-of-mouth advertising. By telling other business owners and managers about your company, you can win over the support of your community peers as well as build enthusiasm to help motivate them to share the great news about your new company with their friends. Remember to have enough business cards ready to hand out and bring your A-game because this event could give your company a real boost! 

  2. Internet Credibility 
    It is important to be listed in the top few businesses in the free or "organic" rankings on Google and other search engine sites. When your website link is posted on the Chamber's site in the membership directory, the search engine bots consider your website to be credible and current. This, in turn, can improve your ranking on user searches for your products and services.     

  3. Community Visibility
    Social events are not the only way to meet community members involved in the Chamber of Commerce. If you want your business to get noticed, then consider sponsoring a Chamber program or advertising your products, sales, and promotions in the Chamber newsletter. Both marketing methods connect you with other Chamber members who are actively participating in different areas of the Chamber. Since members embrace the idea of supporting one another, you have a unique opportunity using these methods of getting your company name and products in front of the people who help shape the community. As a bonus, the sponsorships may also come with the added perk of free marketing materials! Score!   

  4. Membership Business Discounts
    Speaking of free, did you know you can receive office-related discounts by being a member of the Chamber of Commerce? Starting a business can take a toll on your finances. Receiving a discount on products and services such as paper, software, printing, insurance and accounting services can feel like an enormous weight has been lifted! Moreover, your local Chamber works with businesses across all industries making it an invaluable resource for finding the best deals on the local goods and services your business relies on.   

  5. Gain Political Support
    The Chamber of Commerce makes every effort to support small businesses at the local, state and federal level. If you have a law-related business concern, give a voice to your issues and let your Chamber use its political influence to help you find a solution to maneuver around the obstacle blocking your business objectives. Moreover, by getting involved in the Chamber administration and meeting other business owners in the community through Chamber events and programs, you can become part of the positive changes taking place in the government on behalf of small businesses. 

Therefore, your Chamber of Commerce can help your business take root in the community by utilizing these and many other benefits your membership affords. Whether you are looking to broaden your brand awareness, generate leads, speak with accomplished industry mentors, or find an advocate to lobby on behalf of your small business concerns in the government, joining the local Chamber of Commerce should be your first step. For those trying to achieve these goals on their own, each of the above benefits could cost you thousands. However, with this powerful network of support behind you, suddenly the tools you need to begin your journey to owning a successful venture are all found within the same organization, your local Chamber of Commerce. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce today to learn more about these benefits and other advantages your Chamber offers to help your business grow.

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