Best Selling Dolls in 2022

Best Selling Dolls in 2022
Aug 01, 2022
License 2 Play Toys

Every toy store should keep these popular dolls in stock! Here is the lineup of some are our 2022 best sellers that customers are shopping for online and off. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you when they fly off your shelves!

Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties
New for 2022, the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls have a fresh cuddly look and size with the 9-inch Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties. As one of the longest-running doll franchises in the U.S., parents remember adopting, collecting, and caring for their 16-inch Cabbage Patch dolls along with friends when they were young. In fact, they would have likely practiced the same socialization, empathy, and caregiver skills that they now use for their own children with these adorable collectibles.

The new smaller 9-inch Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties size allows kids to take the fun on the road while running errands with Mom or enjoying summer travels. But, the best part about this fresh character line is the removable animal hood and precious super soft onesies. Check them out at License 2 Play!

CoComelon Roto Plush Bedtime JJ Doll
Parents know it’s hard to top the gift of a JJ doll for CoComelon fans ages two to four. This plush toy comes with seven familiar sounds and phrases that make kids laugh and feel comforted with their squeezable friend. Plus, when it’s time for bed, JJ will sing the “Yes Yes Bedtime” song. Mom and Dad will appreciate how the JJ plush doll keeps little ones entertained and helps them feel comforted. Kids will love how the JJ doll brings their favorite animated series to life!

Love Diana
A social media influencer with a fan base of over 3.74 million subscribers, Love Diana is one of the most popular YouTubers in the world. Her videos showcase her creative play activities with her toys and allow her to sprinkle in a healthy dose of princess magic to give her plots that extra special Love Diana flare.

As a result, parents of young children around the globe are consistently searching for Love Diana toys and accessories. That’s why we listed the 6-inch Love Diana dolls as a top-selling doll line for 2022. Each doll comes with rooted hair, removable shoes, and 5-point articulation for that perfect pose during playtime activities. Plus, mix-n-match outfits from five different playtime themes, including Superhero, Birthday, Princess, Hairdresser, and Doctor, make collecting them more fun! Set all five play-themed dolls in a display and watch customers return for more.

Cry Baby Magic Tears Icy World Edition
It may not be winter season yet, but a chill is suddenly in the air and only the Cry Babies can solve the mystery and use real tears to save their world. Based on the adorable “Icy World” animated series being featured on the Kitoons Cry Babies Magic Tears YouTube channel, the Cry Baby Magic Tears Icy World Edition dolls help young children beat the cold with creatively crafted warm clothing designs that are interchangeable with those of other characters in the Keep Me Warm series.

Best of all, there are 12 characters to collect and apply their winter detective skills in pretend play scenarios kids can act out at home. Then, fans can collect characters from the Pink, Dress Me Up, Happy Flowers, and Tiny Cuddles collections to create yet more mysteries to solve where real tears can save the day! Which series will customers choose to collect first?

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