Backlinking as an Effective Marketing Tool

Backlinking as an Effective Marketing Tool
Apr 15, 2019
Architechs for the Web, Inc.

Backlinks Written OutIn an effort to increase our brand visibility, website traffic and rankings with SEO, we create posts on social media sites, use keywords on our websites and in our blogs, add photos and videos, and update our websites to be SEO-friendly. But, there is still more we can do to make our websites more accessible and inviting for customers and SEO. One idea is to acquire effective hyperlinks usually called "backlinks" on other websites linking back to your products and services. While not all links are the same and some will penalize you in the SEO rankings, backlinks from well-known brand websites or high-traffic sites can be a powerful tool in expanding your reach to more customers while improving your rankings at the same time. Discovering the advantages of backlinks can help you determine the strategies needed to make the most of this influential tool.

Increase SEO Rankings
While SEO rank determination remains somewhat of a mystery, there are certain things we know to have a direct impact. Backlinking is one such example. When the search engines run through links on websites all over the Internet looking for keywords, it is good for there to be a high volume backlinks on other sites pointing the search engine to your website. This is like word-of-mouth advertising for search engines. If everyone is talking about your site, it must have some useful information on it the users will want to know about. 

Likewise, if you can persuade larger brands and high traffic sites to post your link on their sites, search engines will see your site as an important source of information. To search engines, those high-traffic sites are like the most popular kids in school. They only hang out with the kids who add value to their reputation. Therefore, if a new kid is seen walking the halls at school with one or more of the popular kids, there must be a good reason they are friends.

Build Trust With Customers
In addition to receiving a higher SEO ranking, backlinks also build trust with your customers. Let's say you run a marketing firm. You have a trending blogger with a huge following as a marketing client. The nice blogger loves your work so much he offers to write a glowing Google and Facebook review plus requests you to place a backlink on his blog. Now, a partner at a CPA firm is thinking of expanding their services with you. She sees your website link on this blog while reading an article about opportunities to grow her business. Knowing you have the trust of the popular blogger influences the CPA to meet with you about additional marketing services you can offer her firm.

Reach More Customers
The same could be said for a prospective customer with a new line of toys who is searching for the right marketing firm to trust with her brand launching initiatives. Reading the same popular blogger's site can sway her to contact your firm as opposed to going with another firm that does not have any endorsements from recognized sites. In other words, the more your name and links to your website is out there on the Internet in association with quality websites and top brands or high traffic sites, the more traffic your website will receive resulting in a significant increase in sales.

Connect With Powerful Allies
It is also good to note that the backlinks are often created by forming a mutual respect between companies. For young companies or companies with a new product, it can be an honor to be backlinked with a reputable brand. It means the producers of that well-known brand acknowledge the quality of the products offered by this lesser-known company. However, it can mean much more going forward in terms of building a resource for future business needs and questions. Networking and forging alliances with quality brands is the golden ticket for having a wealth of knowledge and influence you could use to develop your brand. Plus, you stand to gain more top endorsements when one known brand supports your products.

Gain Brand Awareness
If nothing else, backlinks on quality sites will help you get the word out about your products and services. More traffic will come to your website after users see your brand linked on various sites they value, and more traffic equals more sales, more reviews, and more word-of-mouth advertising with friends and family. This does not typically happen overnight, though it can be cultivated with a crafted selective approach.

The main thing to remember with backlinks is to select the best sites to share your link while determining the most effective method to earn that link. It can start with networking, an email, a phone call, or a current client. There are many ways to acquire a backlink on a reputable site. Although the process can take a while before you start to see profits from your efforts, this online form of networking is advantageous to say the least and should be a part of every marketing strategy. 


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